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About Us
Zed Five Ltd.

About Us.
Zed Five Ltd, a long tradition and experience in industrial plant, offers modern and innovative technology solutions for the packaging.
A new approach based essentially on the product and the customer's specific requirements aimed at maximum efficiency and customer satisfaction.
While relying on traditional principles of packaging approach Zed Five Ltd aims to provide its customers with full and comprehensive technological solutions rather than simple assembly machinery.
What we do.
A careful analysis of customer needs in order to determine the characteristics and specificity of packaging required.
The sampling and testing of packaging are analyzed in our laboratory and prepare a report for the client who will be able to verify the specimen obtained.
The customer is involved in the choice of machinery to be used to obtain the maximum satisfaction.
The study of plant layout to minimize the space used in full compliance with existing rules and operating functions.
Essentially Zed Five Ltd is able to provide tailored solutions to meet any packaging giving priority to the needs of the customer and product.